Chilean wine from vines older than the USA

The Grape: Pais is a vigorous, red grape that was once Chile’s most commonly-grown varietal. While it was long associated with plonk, it is now being produced into quality wine; like the one found here.

The Wine: Pais Pipeño Cacique Maravilla, Chile is made with 100% organically-grown hand-picked Pais, from vines planted in 1766 – or 10 years before the birth of America!  Fermentation is done in open tanks with natural yeasts. The wine is unfiltered. The wine is light-bodied, juicy, tannic, and decidedly rustic. Find all the wild herbs and fruits!

Fun Fact: The history of Pais in Chile is significant, and dates to the Spanish conquistadors and missions of the 15th century. The vines brought to the New World by those colonizers gave rise to North America’s Mission grape, Argentina’s Criolla, and Chile’s Pais.

Pairing: Very food-friendly, try it with gouda, deviled eggs, or our steak salad!

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Wine Tasting: exploits of Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun!

Attila was king of the Huns from 434-453 AD and ruled over a pretty large empire between that of the Romans (to the West) and Byzantium (to the East). He was feared throughout the land, but was he a masterful militarian and astute diplomat?  Or just a rapacious brigand?

Let’s find out! We’ll visit his home in the Hungarian Plains (sampling from Somlo) and the start of his Balkan rampage in Moesia (Serbian wine!). We’ll also join his foray into Pannonia (and the Niederösterreich vineyards), past Aquilaeia (to Lombardy!), and towards Aurelianum (with a stop in Reims for some champagne…).

We’ll sample these five wines:

  • Champagne Dom Caudron Epicurienne Vielles Vignes Meunier France NV
  • Fekete Juhfark Somlo Hungary 2011
  • Stift Klosterneuberg St Laurent Austria 2013
  • Vino Budimir Triada Serbia 2008
  • Martilde Bonarda DOC Lombardy Italy 2013

This tasting will be led by Jill Weber, Jet’s owner and our Wining Archaeologist.  Let her guide you through 5 wines, exploring culture and landmarks along the way.

This tasting is part of our Global Vineyard Passport Series. Your $30 ticket entitles you to our 5-wine tasting plus light snacks, as well as 15% off your evening’s bar tab.

*You must be 21 or over to participate

Where? Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South Street, 215.735.1116
When?  Tuesday, May 17th
What Time?  6:30pm – 8:30pm
How Much?  $30

**We regret that tickets will not be refunded within 48 hours of the event, or if the event has sold out.


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Jillchips - CopyJoin us every third Tuesday  in Jet’s lounge for an evening of wine-narrated history and culture.  In each 2-hour class, we taste 5 wines that illustrate the evenings topic, passing historical and mythical landmarks along the way.  Classes are fun, informative, interactive, and tasty!  All of our “Wine and History” Tastings are led by Jet’s owner and Wining Archaeologist, Jill Weber.  Your ticket entitles you to the 5-wine tasting plus light snacks, as well as 15% off that evening’s bar tab.


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