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Philly Wine Week – at Jet and beyond!

It’s here! The 5th annual Philly Wine Week is happening March 22nd – 29th!

So much wine to be had and a whole 8 days to enjoy it.

Philly Wine Week is all about enjoying wine – however you like it. There are tons of great events each day, all around town. The official calendar can be found here – take a look and try something new.

Jet has events every day of PWW – except the first Thursday. Why? Because that is the official Opening Corks wine event at the 23rd Street Armory. Get your ticket, throw on something festive, grab a glass, and start tasting! There’ll be hundreds of wines, plus foods from Philly restaurants – including Jet. Come ask Chef Yasi what she is making!

Back to the wine… let us break down the week for you – Jet style.

Thursday 22nd 6-9pm (VIP from 5), 23st Armory – Opening Corks

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Tickets here

Friday 23rd, Happy Hour 5-7pm What’s Next? Happy Hour

Ease into #PWW2018 with our What’s Next? Happy Hour. Nick will open “cellar” bottles, one-offs, bottles from our sit-down tastings, and those normally only available to-go – all for $10/glass. Take a seat at the bar, let Nick pour you a glass (and another), and enjoy.  Who knows what he’ll open next!


Saturday 24th, 5-7pm, in the Lounge Wine Tasting: Old World v New World

Join us for a classic wine-tasting highlighting the diff erences between Old World and New World wines!  In other words, “classic” wine regions of Europe (France, Spain, Italy) vs those New World upstarts (United States, South America, South Africa, Australia. Also, meet Nick! He’ll have six wines (3 Old World, 3 New World) for you to taste side by side! The Olympics may be over, but you can still judge the winner of the Worlds.

Tickets here

Sunday 25th, 11am-4pm Bubbles and Brunch

Ahhhhh, Bubbles and Brunch– just rolls right off the tongue. Join us for a special, sparkling Sunday full of your (new) favorite foods (Moroccan Baked Eggs, Deviled-Egg Breakfast Sandwich, Brisket Hash on Polenta Cakes,…!) and that classic brunch pairing: bubbly. We’ll have flights of 3 sparkling wines for $12, for your brunching pleasure. What? You want a mimosa? Of course we’ll have $5 Mimosas.




Monday 26th, 4pm-close Wine and Jerky

We love wine. We love jerky. We want you to love wine and jerky! So, with a little help from our friends at Side Project Jerky, we’ll have different types of jerky to eat and wines that taste great with them. Don’t take our word for this pairing perfection, come try for yourself. Try one, try them all. Its wine and jerky night!



Tuesday 27th, 6:30-8:30pm, in the Lounge Wine Tasting: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

What? That’s right, Jill will find 5 wines for your drinking pleasure that are separated from Kevin Bacon by 6 degrees or fewer. We don’t know what she’ll be pouring… but promise it will be delicious! She reserves the right to be circuitous.

Tickets here.


Wednesday 28th, 4pm-close Rainbow Wine Night

Back by popular demand, you can once again drink away the night in technicolor splendor! We’ll have wine in its multi-hued glory: green, orange, black, pink… A veritable rainbow. Come as you are and wear your own colors!



Thursday 29th, 4pm-close Layover: Pompeii and Naples

End #PWW2018 with a few hours in Campania. We are exiting I-76 and taking the Appian way to Naples and Pompeii! We’ll have food and wine from the foot of Mt Vesuvius. Finish the evening with our house-made limoncello and dream of the Amalfi Coast. Wines and food will be available for purchase, a la carte, from Happy Hour until they are gone!