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Wine Tasting: On This Day…

What happened on other April 3rds? Let’s find out.

April 3rd – is it infamous? How does it relate to wine? Well, first, everything relates to wine…

Marlon Brando, Doris Day, and “Boss” Tweed were all born on April 3rd. Also, the Pony Express was started and the Falklands War begun. Is that what we’ll talk about? No. But those things did all occur on April 3rd. Find out more when you come out to Jet!

This tasting will be led by Jill Weber, Jet’s owner and our Wining Archaeologist.  Let her guide you through 5 wines and their unique histories.  This is a new year, so we have a new tasting series: Time-Traveler Tastings! Our tastings will transport you to the past as we dig deep into the history of the wine, the region, and the people who make it. Each class features 5 wines that we taste while discovering the fun facts and peculiar histories of each wine’s locale.

Ticket sales start 2 weeks prior to the event, check back to see what we’ll be pouring and to purchase tickets.

BONUS: A limited quantity of these bottles will be available for sale to-go!

Your ticket entitles you to our 5-wine tasting plus light snacks, as well as 15% off your evening’s bar tab AND special pricing on bottles of the evening’s wines (for to-go sales). Seating is limited.

*You must be 21 or over to participate

Where? Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South Street, 215.735.1116
When?  Tuesday, April 3rd
What Time?  6:30pm – 8:30pm
How Much?  TBA ($35-$50)

**We regret that tickets will not be refunded within 48 hours of the event, or if the event has sold out.

Rainbow Wine Night

Our Rainbow Wine Night is back by popular demand!

You can once again drink away the night in technicolor splendor! We’ll have wine in its multi-hued glory: green, orange, black, pink… A veritable rainbow. Come as you are and wear your own colors!

By the glass and in flights.

Wine and Jerky

Just like it sounds…We love wine. We love jerky. We want you to love wine and jerky!

So, with a little help from our friends at Side Project Jerky, we’ll have different types of jerky to eat and wines that taste great with them. Don’t take our word for this pairing perfection, come try for yourself. Try one, try them all. Its wine and jerky night!

Wine Tasting: Old World vs New World

Start your evening with some wine edutainment: Drink and Learn!

Join us for this wine tasting that highlights the differences between Old World and New World wines. “Old World” doesnt’ mean stuffy, but refers to the classic wine-growing regions of Europe, like France, Spain, and Italy. “New World” refers to younger wine-growing regions outside Europe, including the United States, South America, South Africa, and Australia.

What really makes these wines different from each other – even when the same grapes varieties are used – are their varying climates and production styles.  The best way to understand this difference is to taste them side by side, and that’s just what we’ll do!

We will be tasting 6 wines in total, side by side and you get to be the judge as we decide the winner of Old World v. New World.

Seating is limited

*You must be 21 or over to participate

Where? Jet Wine Bar, 1525 South Street, 215.735.1116
When?  Saturday, March 24th
What Time?  5pm-7pm
How Much?  $50

**We regret that tickets will not be refunded within 72 hours of the event, or once the event has sold out.