Time-Traveler Tastings!

Five wines, fabulous flavors, fascinating histories

We are passionate about wine and all the things that make it so intriguing!  Our tasting series is designed for the explorers and adventurers among us who are excited about experiencing new wines and all of the stories behind them.

Our tastings will transport you to the past as we dig deep into the history of the wine, the region, and the people who make it.  Ever wonder if Aglianico can be linked to Babylonian Mathematics? It can- via Herodotus! Harry Houdini and the Loire? Yes. Do dinosaur fossils affect the taste of wine? Let’s taste them! What does the Hanseatic League have to do with the fortunes of Mosel Riesling? Let’s find out! But, wine isn’t only about history and tradition. We’ll also take a peek into the future with up-and-coming regions, winemakers, and techniques.

Each class features 5 wines – sometimes from the same region, sometime the same grape, sometimes from the lands of the same Roman Emperor. We taste the wines while discovering the fun facts and peculiar histories of each wine’s locale.

Upcoming Tastings, all are on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30:
Jan 9th: Germany Hussites, Hansa, and Holstentor
Jan 30th: In the beginning… Drinking the origins of wine
Feb 20th: The Olympics Athens! Chamonix! Barcelona!
Mar 13th: Ides of March Follow Caesar from Gaul to Rome
Apr 3rd: On this day… April 3rd through the years
Apr 26th: All the Weird Ones Unusual grapes


Your host for the evening is Jet’s owner and “wining archaeologist“, Jill Weber.

Let her share her love for ancient history, archaeology, and… wine!