About Jet And how we got started.

At Jet Wine Bar, we ask you to think globally, drink locally. In the mood to send your taste buds to Santorini, Sardegna, or beyond? Jet can take you there.

Jet offers meats, cheeses, small plates, sandwiches, and snacks to complement our diverse wine and beverage selection.

Jet Wine Bar opened in November of 2010 as the love child of an archaeologist (Jill Weber) and an engineer (Evan Malone).  We love wine, we love bars… we love wine bars! We wanted to bring a friendly, accessible wine bar to a great neighborhood.

Jill, our Wining Archaeologist, currently works on projects in Iraq and Italy when she isn’t tasting new wines. She excavated in Syria for 20 years, and has also worked in Turkey, Armenia, and Oman.  Evan is the founder and president of NextFab, Philadelphia’s gym for innovators. The two met in Philadelphia while both were studying at the University of Pennsylvania in 1992. They fell in love with the city (and each other!) and have been here ever since.

Nick Baitzel is Jet’s General Manager. As you may have guessed, Nick loves wine! Nick graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.  Nick quickly acquired his passion for wine and uses that knowledge to curate the rotating wine lists here at Jet Wine Bar.

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