Holiday Gifts!

We have all your last-minute gift needs right here. No hassle, on-line ordering, easy pickup. It couldn’t be easier!

We have several gift packs to choose from, or make your own combination. To get the ideas flowing…

Dr. Jill’s (soon-to-be) World Famous Inauguration Wine Pack

Our own Dr. Jill put together these wines as a biographical homage to our incoming President and Vice President, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Don’t worry, Dr. Jill Biden does figure in there, too! Includes 4 wines and a fantastic “Bad Things Happen in Philadelphia” ornament. The perfect gift!

Ancient World Wine Pack

Modern politics not your style? How about our Ancient World wine package? We include wine from Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, and the Republic of Georgia! Uncork and unplug.

Our 3-packs

Looking for themed 3-packs? Try these self-explanatory options:

Au Naturel

Rose All Day

Black-Owned and Made

Female Winemakers

Orange is the New Wine

Sisterly Love Citywide Food Fair – at Jet!

That’s right! Shop small, shop local, shop women-owned businesses – all at Jet’s Wine Garden!

Saturday December 19th, 12 -2 pm

We’ll have wine – including our fabulous new Biographical Wine Inauguration Package to enjoy on January 20th! – cheese, oysters, gifts, hot sauce, pot pie, wine(!!!) crocheted bunnies, wreaths, ornaments, pastries. And. More. 🙂

All your holiday needs in the same place as *your* needs (uh huh, spiked hot chocolate, mulled wine, wings).

Come on out and have fun. We’ll be waiting.

Thanksgiving Wines – to-go!

November is here, which means that Thanksgiving is nearly upon us! For foodies and epicurians, few days are as delightful as is Thanksgiving with all of its meats, potatoes, casseroles, veggies, and pies.

But, because it is such a special meal, it can also draw some anxiety around wine selections. The perfect meal needs the perfect wine, right? Well, sure. Of course there is no perfect wine, but Jet’s owner, Jill, has selected a few that she thinks are perfect for a Thanksgiving meal. And, you can buy them at Jet Wine Bar (details below)!

So, this is how I pick my Thanksgiving wines.

For meats, I like to choose wines that mimic accompaniments to the particular dish. So, for turkey I like a wine that acts like cranberry sauce: tart and juicy. This is why so many people will serve gamay, but it applies to all grapes that produce lighter-bodied, juicy, and acidic wines. Portuguiser (also called Blauer Portuguiser) is similar in having a fresh, juicy feel. Agrina Doo from Serbia is a nice one. Pennsylvania’s Chambourcin is a fantastic choice, generally with wild, brambly, juicy blackberry notes and a good, acidic tartness. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Galen Glen’s. I like a Blaufrankisch, here, as well. These have a bit more tannin and spice, but not everyone wants cranberry sauce. Try Blau from Weingut Heinrich.

What about those veggies? I find Italian wines to be among my favorite for vegetables.

As with the turkey, think about what would accompany the vegetables. Would you sprinkle raw, slivered almonds on top? Try something young and fresh with “green” notes (of raw almonds, or green olives)?. That sounds to me like a young Vernaccia di San Gimignano, and Cesani makes one of my favorites.

Or, is your vegetable better with a shaving of cheese? Try something a little softer and nuttier, like Arneis. Ceretto Blange Arneis has been my go-to. Or, how about one of my newest favorites? Lugana.  Ca’Lojera’s is perfect: a little rounder, with mint and melon, and with great acidity.

Want to go a little different? Please, please, please try a Hungarian white, like Juhfark or Hárslevelű. Not only are they fun to say, they have some qualities of both of the above. Juhfark is full and nutty, while still being fresh, green, and crisp. Hárslevelű has more honey, sharpened with some lime and peach. How do they do it? I do not know, but apparently the folks at Csetvei PincĂ©szet (Juhfark) and Carpinus (Hárslevelű ) do know. Try the Juhfark with a vegan entree, like cauliflower “steak”, or with a green-bean casserole. That Hárslevelű will hit the spot with sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, or just waiting by the oven!

Interested in adding these to your Thanksgiving Meal? Jet Wine Bar will be selling them in sets of 3, for $80.

Choose between:

  • Agrina Doo, Portuguiser (2018)
  • Ca’Lojera, Lugana (2018)
  • Carpinus Winery, Tokaji Hárslevelű Tokaj (2017)


  • Weingut Heinrich, Neusiedlersee Blaufränkisch (2016)
  • Cesani, Vernaccia di San Gimignano (2018)
  • Csetvei PincĂ©szet, MĂłr Juhfark (2015)

Order yours today by visiting Jet Wine Bar at 1525 South Street, or contact

Wine *must* be ordered by 2 pm November 19th, and *must* be picked up from Jet between Friday Nov 23rd (after 5pm) through Wednesday Nov 27th.

PA Wine Month… & Hamilton!

October is PA Wine month. We love PA wines, and will have 4, special ones all month long. AND, we are celebrating Hamilton at the same time! We are highlighting the Commonwealth’s vinous bounty, while connecting our local wines to a statesman with local connections, Alexander Hamilton.  Enjoy wines and fun facts associated with Hamilton: his role preventing the secession of “Westsylvania” (no, really!) whilst the first Sectretary of the Treasury, his job as aid to General Washington when the Brits took Philly, and his special connection to the Liberty Bell. This “tour” is available as a flight of 4 wines for $20, all month long.

We are featuring these wines

  • Stony Run Winery GrĂĽner Veltliner
  • Penns Woods Winery RosĂ©
  • Fero Vineryards Bison Roots Orange
  • Fero Vineryards Saperavi

and… do you see what I see? We have a white ( GrĂĽner ), a white made like a red (Bison Roots Orange), a red made like a white ( RosĂ© ), and a red (Saperavi) 🙂

Drink some great, PA wine, explore different varietals and techniques, and learn some fun facts about Alexander Hamilton.

Special Menu on Sundays and Mondays – from Rex 1516!

Now you can enjoy your favorite, savory Southern dishes with your favorite wines!

Every Sunday and Monday after 5pm, the Rex 1516 menu is available to guests at Jet Wine Bar.

Want to have “Philly’s Best” burger with your blaukrankisch? Now you can!

Want to taste Finke’s Widow sparkling wine together with pimento cheese? Do it.

Escargot and Yapincak? Give it a try!

The entire Rex 1516 menu can be viewed here.

Did I mention a Gluten-Free menu is available? Well, it’s true.

Wine Gift Baskets are Here

Need a gift for someone special? Let Jet do your holiday shopping for you!

This holiday season, we are offering two different baskets filled with wine and other goodies.

Our “Festive” Basket includes 1 bottle of Sparkling wine, 1 bottle of red wine, house made, spicy mixed-nuts, house made chocolate-covered pretzels and a $10 gift card to Jet!
Festive Basket $49


Our “Champagne” Basket includes 1 bottle of Champagne, 1 bottle of premium red wine, house made, spicy mixed-nuts, house made chocolate-covered pretzels, a jar of artisan olives, and a $25 gift card to Jet!
Champagne Basket $99


Both gifts come festively wrapped and ready to give!


Please note baskets must be purchased at Jet Wine Bar.
For more information, contact

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