PA Wine Month… & Hamilton!

October is PA Wine month. We love PA wines, and will have 4, special ones all month long. AND, we are celebrating Hamilton at the same time! We are highlighting the Commonwealth’s vinous bounty, while connecting our local wines to a statesman with local connections, Alexander Hamilton.  Enjoy wines and fun facts associated with Hamilton: his role preventing the secession of “Westsylvania” (no, really!) whilst the first Sectretary of the Treasury, his job as aid to General Washington when the Brits took Philly, and his special connection to the Liberty Bell. This “tour” is available as a flight of 4 wines for $20, all month long.

We are featuring these wines

  • Stony Run Winery Grüner Veltliner
  • Penns Woods Winery Rosé
  • Fero Vineryards Bison Roots Orange
  • Fero Vineryards Saperavi

and… do you see what I see? We have a white ( Grüner ), a white made like a red (Bison Roots Orange), a red made like a white ( Rosé ), and a red (Saperavi) 🙂

Drink some great, PA wine, explore different varietals and techniques, and learn some fun facts about Alexander Hamilton.